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Live Out Loud V (24x36) SOLD

Live Out Loud V (24"x36") SOLD

Peace V (12x12) $60

Peace V (12"x12") $60

Thought of Labor I (12x12) $60

Thought of Labor I (12"x12") $60

Green II (12x12) $60

Green II (12"x12") $60

Wild Forces II (24x36) $200

Wild Forces II (24"x36") $200

Grow II (25x25)

Grow II (25"x25") $90

Peace III (7x7)

Peace III (7"x7") SOLD

Breathe IV (7x7)

Breathe IV (7"x7") SOLD

Peace IV (7x7)

Peace IV (7"x7") SOLD

Rest (7x7)

Rest (7"x7") $40

Live Out Loud III (7x7)

Live Out Loud III (7"x7") $40

Thrive I (7x7)

Thrive I (7"x7") $40

Escape I (7x7)

Escape I (7x7) $40

Wild Forces II (7x7)

Wild Forces II (7"x7") SOLD

Season II (13x15)

Season II (13"x15") $65

Rest II (7x16)

Rest II (7"x16") $60

Still I (7x16)

Still I (7"x16") $60

Patience I (7x16)

Patience I (7"x16") SOLD

Solitude III (7x7)

Solitude III (7"x7") $40

Live Out Loud IV (7x16)

Live Out Loud IV (7"x16") $60

Wonderful Word I (7x10)

Wonderful Word I (7"x10") $50

Beauty I (pie tin–round)

Beauty I (pie tin–round) SOLD

Alive I (12x20)

Alive I (12"x20") $95

Wait II (12x12) SOLD

Wait II (12"x12") SOLD

Peace II (12x12) SOLD

Peace II (12"x12") SOLD

Pause I (16x9) SOLD

Pause I (16"x9") SOLD

Preserve I (15x13)

Preserve I (15"x13") $65

Breathe III (6x6)

Breathe III (6"x6") SOLD

Hope III (6x6)

Hope III (6"x6") SOLD

Hope II (6x6)

Hope II (6"x6") SOLD

Our Hands I (11x13)

Our Hands I (11"x13") $65

Preserve II (11x13)

Preserve II (11"x13") $65

Children I (12x12)

Children I (12"x12") $60

Beauty II (6x6)

Beauty II (6"x6") SOLD

Wild Forces I (4x4)

Wild Forces I (4"x4") SOLD

Peace I (4x4)

Peace I (4"x4") $30

Development I (12x12) $60

Development I (12"x12") $60

Pause I (12x12) $60

Pause I (12"x12") SOLD

Evolve I (10x18) $60

Evolve I (10"x18") $65

Grow I (18x18) $85

Grow I (18"x18") $85

Live I (10x18) $65

Live I (10"x18") $70

Season I (12x12) SOLD

Season I (12"x12") SOLD

Sprawl I (8x32) $70

Sprawl I (8"x32") $75

Sprawl II (10x18) SOLD

Sprawl II (10"x18") SOLD

Sprawl III (8x20) $85

Sprawl III (8"x20") $90

Simple I (12x12) SOLD

Simple I (12"x12") SOLD

Tend I (10x16) $55

Tend I (10"x16") $60

Tend II (10x18) $65

Tend II (10"x18") $70

Simple II (12x12) $55

Simple II (12"x12") $60

Exhale I (2-12x12) $85

Exhale I (2-12"x12") SOLD

Sustain I (16x20) $85

Sustain I (16"x20") SOLD

Sustain II (10x10) $45

Sustain II (10"x10") $45

Hope I (4x4) SOLD

Hope I (4"x4") SOLD

Live Out Loud II (3x3) SOLD

Live Out Loud II (3'x3') $500

Solitude I (4x4) SOLD

Solitude I (4"x4") SOLD

Solitude II (10x10) SOLD

Solitude II (10"x10") SOLD

Progress II (12x12) $55

Progress II (12"x12") $60

Progress I (12x12)  $55

Progress I (12"x12") $60

Breathe I (12x12) SOLD

Breathe I (12"x12") SOLD

Breathe II (12x12) $55

Breathe II (12"x12") $60

Green I (12x12) $55

Green I (12"x12") $60


7 responses to “Art

  1. Jason and Brooke,

    your artwork is wonderful and truly inspiring! I can’t wait to see some of it in person!

  2. very cool.

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  5. Looks like you have been very busy since we’ve been gone. They are all so beautiful and inspiring.

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