Keeping the Boredom Away

Matt has been sick all week long. He finally went back to school today, but yesterday I realized why I couldn’t ever home school our children. We went to Michel’s to find a project, and we found these RoseArt Color Blanks, one for Matt and one for Paige. They were $4.99 a piece and came with 3 markers, stickers and clay to make accessories. I’m hoping they go on sale as they’d be good to stock up on for a summertime project, and I’d like to make one too!

Here’s the before:

And after:

And here’s a sneak peek at a project I’ve been working on. A combination of etching and stamping. Two of these are ready to add a stamped name to. Be on the lookout for a line of stamped pendants soon, and email me if you’re interested in one.

And an awesome picture of Sam with his toy on his head thanks to Paige:


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