Freezer Paper Stencil Shirts

Matty Boy’s Fire Station birthday party is Saturday, and we are all pretty excited. This is Matt’s first birthday party with school friends. I’ve had the idea for awhile to make each of the kids a fire truck shirt for their party favor. It was great timing to make these as Michael’s has shirts on sale for $2 each. Here’s a quick tutorial of how to make one yourself.

Find a stencil image or design one of your own. I used the same design that I put on the invitations. Print out your design to the finished size.

Next trace your image onto the rough side of freezer paper. You can buy a large roll of freezer paper at the grocery store, or ask your local butcher for some.

Now you can cut out the stencil with an exacto knife. Make sure to cut out the small details first as you need the surrounding paper intact for stability. Once your image is cut out, iron it onto your fabric with the smooth side down.

Using fabric paint, completly cover your stencil (I used Speedball’s screen printing ink from Blick Art Supply). I like to use a foam brush as it gives even coverage and it makes for easy cleanup. Use a dabbing motion when painting to avoid lifting up any corners of your stencil.

Let your ink dry completely, or help it along with a blow dryer. Now you can gently peel back your stencil. Take caution when peeling your stencil off especially if you want to reuse it. I was extremely careful with the little details as I need to get 9 shirts out of this. And, here is the final product. Make sure to heat set your ink per the manufacture’s recommendations so it won’t come off in the washing machine. If you are going to reuse your stencil, place a piece of paper over the painted freezer paper when ironing it onto your next project.

I can’t wait to get a pictures of all of the kids wearing their new shirts. Check back next week for an update of the day!


3 responses to “Freezer Paper Stencil Shirts

  1. hey there, saw your link on biruk’s blog (i have met you at meg’s before) and i love this little tutorial. thanks for posting it! the shirt looks great- such a cute idea for a party favor! šŸ™‚

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