Is there a tooth fairy?

There is no tooth fairy in our house, nor is there a Santa Claus or Easter Bunny. Yes, we may be cruel parents squelching the imagination of our children, and they might be in therapy for this someday. But all in all, they are still fairly balanced kids, and I don’t think this will scar them for life.

Why do I bring up the tooth fairy? Last night Paige lost a tooth in the middle of dinner, it’s been loose for 2 months, and it finally fell out. She put her tooth on a napkin on the counter while we finished up dinner (spicy black bean soup and cornbread, recipe coming soon) with friends. After we were done everyone pitched in to clean up, and at the end of the night Paige and I noticed the napkin and tooth were gone. I’m pretty sure it was thrown away by mistake, it really did look like trash. So today I dug through the trash, twice. Gross, our trash was full of nasty vegetables, I’m not sure why they weren’t in the compost, dryer lint, and dead stinky crickets. Crickets are really nasty, but they are the only thing that Matt’s lizard will eat. And after all that I still couldn’t find the darn thing.

Then I got thinking, since we don’t do the tooth fairy thing, the trash is probably the best place for the tooth anyways. What are you supposed to do with these things? I stumbled upon this the other day, probably the most foul pieces of jewelry I’ve ever seen. Who buys this stuff?


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