Thrift Store Challenge

The last Saturday of our Christmas break, we decided to get out of the house and do something creative. We took a walk down to Grant’s for lunch, and found all of this great artwork by Spenser Little. It was kind of like a game, because these pieces are down Fern Street and Beech Street, and they are not all very obvious, so the kids had fun spotting them. You can see our pictures here.

When we got back home, Paige put each of our names on a scrap of paper, and we each drew one. We then went to the Goodwill downtown with $5 to spend and a special person to buy for. We helped each other out by suggesting things we liked. Matt ended up with 3 Steampunk comic books from Sam, Sam ended up with a book from dad, dad got a nice work shirt from Matt, I got a cute jacket from Paige and I picked out this jacket for her.

To make it a bit more exciting, I made this broach for her. I used this tutorial from Wise Craft, but instead of using the pattern, I just cut out circles with pinking shears. This was a fun simple project, so you might see some of these for sale soon.


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