Goals for 2010

Here’s some of my goals (aka resolutions, but I don’t like that word) for 2010, in no particular order.

1. Blog more often, and share more recipes.

2. Walk more. We live in a very walkable neighborhood, but sometimes I get lazy.

3. Create something new everyday, a meal, an art piece, anything (here’s a sneak peek at a piece of art that Jason and I are working on).

4. Work on marketing my goods better, and in turn, increase sales for Fire and Flowers.

5. Set our family up on a cash budget. While we are cautious of how our money is spent, I think we can be better, especially in the area of groceries.

6. Continue to live even more simply. This is something that I say every year, but I really want to be better about recycling and repurposing what we already have, buying used if possible, and all in all, needing (or wanting) less all around.

7. Work in our garden every week, even if it’s just pulling a few weeds.


2 responses to “Goals for 2010

  1. Can I help you pull weeds? I really wish I had a garden…

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