Cynthia’s Art

Incider StoreOur friend and artist, Jon Hall is helping a displaced acquaintence he has made sell her art online. In a recent post he says,

“Instead of pan-handling, Cynthia creates original, one-of-a-kind bookmark-sized original works of art and sells them on the streets of Golden Hill to passers-by. She creates her art on found scraps of cardboard, packaging, gum-wrappers and paper. Using paint, markers and pens, Cynthia’s style is whimsical and expressive, belying her harsh reality of spending her days on the street.

Since moving to Golden Hill in Fall ’08, I would buy Cynthia’s bookmark-sized art whenever I saw her on the street. Her story, only part of which I’ve heard, is one of heart-break and recovering addiction. But it’s also a story of hope.”

Visit the Etsy store that Jon has opened for Cynthia here.

UPDATE: it looks as though all of Cynthia’s work on Etsy has already sold. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see more go up soon. View her sold pieces here.


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