more pieces

We’ve uploaded several more pieces to the gallery. Please take a look. Sorry, but not all of these have been priced yet, and some are already spoken for. That’s why not all of them are in the store yet. But we will have them priced and ready for tomorrow night’s show.

With the exception of our pieces on traditional canvas, all of our current work is on recycled material. Most of it is on wood left over from construction projects. We also raided the dents and dings section at Ikea to find some wonderful cabinet doors to use as canvases! You should look through the gallery and try to figure out which are on the doors. No one that has seen them in person yet has guessed what they were painted on. On the piece to the left, we used old newspaper clippings as well (check out the upper left hand corner to find one of our favorite musicians).

We hope you can come tomorrow. The Adams and Eves will be playing and Plant with Purpose will be here to let you know about their work around the globe.

If there are pieces that you are interested in, you have a little over 24 hours to claim them before the show. Everything that has not been spoken for will be available for sale to take home that evening. If you do not see something in the store, email us at [at] gmail [dot] com.


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