trees please!

party-revisedAs we said the other day, on July 18 we’re holding an art show and party at the Hawthorn House. We’re excited for everyone to hear our friends Adams and Eves. AND we have some more exciting news…

Our current series deals with trees (duh!). Our hope is that the words and phrases that we’ve incorporated into this work brings the viewer to consider the importance of trees to our ecology and reconsider the effects our consumptive culture on the natural world. We’ve really appreciated the work that our friends at Plant With Purpose have done concerning reforestation. Even more, their holistic approach of integrating environmental action with relieving poverty is just brilliant! We’ve decided to give 15% from the sales of our tree series to Plant With Purpose. Plant With Purpose will have information available at the show. Come prepared to buy artwork and through this help plant trees and end poverty.

Check out the Plant With Purpose video:


6 responses to “trees please!

  1. This is so great! We are so excited! What beautiful pieces of work, thanks so much for supporting the work that we do with your own God given talents!

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