My Son is a Robber

Yesterday the kids and I went to the dollar store to pick up a gift bag before we went to celebrate December birthdays with my family.  While I was checking out, Matt (who is 3 1/2 years old) became mesmerized by a blue plastic necklace that had a huge lock hanging from it.  He asked if he could get it, and of course I said “no” and told him to keep his hands off of it.  A few stops later, we pulled into the parking lot of a Barnes and Noble, and out came the lovely necklace from his pocket.  I couldn’t believe he had shoved it away without me noticing.  We sat in the car and had a long conversation about what it means to steal.  We were finishing up our talk, and Paige looks straight at him and said “Matt you’re a robber.”  So, there you go, my son is a robber.


One response to “My Son is a Robber

  1. Laughing so much, laughing, you gotta love the siblings!

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