More Ideas

Happy Thanksgiving.  While the pumpkin pie is cooking in the oven and the cranberries are cooling in the refrigerator I thought I’d take a minute to throw out a few more ideas since the holiday season is now upon us.

– Mixed CD’s – we put together a compilation of Paige’s favorite songs for a party favor at her birthday and everyone loved it.  It included everything from the Beatles to Teagan and Sara (her favorite girl band) to Mary Poppins.

– Coupon or Coupon Book – make a certificate or a whole book with redeemable treats throughout the year (ie. car wash, babysitting, night out to the movies, housecleaning, back massage . . .)

– Have your kids paint a picture and frame it, or better yet, have them do this on a canvas with good quality paints (these are awesome gifts for grandparents), and such treasures for a lifetime.

– Donate to a great cause in someone else’s name, here’s a few ideas for this:  Heifer International, God’s Golden Acre, Border Angels.

– Buy something homeade – visit a local venue selling homeade items (here’s one in our neighborhood: 12/8 – San Diego Artistry at 3104 Juniper Street, San Diego), visit Esty online for thousands of great handmade items, or email me if you’d like to purchase anything from my site.

– I’d love to hear some of your ideas, feel free to post them in the comments. 


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