Idea #8 – Applique Pillows

Thrift stores can be the best place to find some of your basic supplies.  Here’s a few things I’m always on the lookout for:  vintage tablecloths (even with stains and holes), vintage sheets and pillow cases, misc. sewing supplies such as rick rack or trims, pillow forms, vintage handkerchiefs, sewing patterns . . . the list could go on forever.  While at the thrift store the other day I found a throw pillow that was in pretty good condition for 50 cents.  I didn’t love the pink butterfly covering, so I recovered it like this:applique-tree-pillow.jpg

Supplies: pillow form, approx. 1/2 yard of fabric  to cover the pillow, scraps of fabric for your applique and wonder under (this is a paper backed transfer fusing web product) – you can find wonder under at any fabric store and it sells by the yard for under $2.00.  For this project I used about 1/4 yard or maybe even less.

Directions:  If you are using an existing pillow, cut off the old covering and use this as your pattern for your new one adding 1/4″ around the outside for your seam allowance.  Cut out a front and back for your pillow.  Draw a simple design on a blank piece of paper, and cut out each piece seperatly (my trunk is a seperate pattern from the leaves).  Fuse your wonder under (use the directions that come with the product) on the back of your scrap pieces of fabric.  Trace your designs backwards on the paper part, and cut out.  Iron your design to one piece of your fabric and sew around the outside of each piece either by hand or with your sewing machine.  You will need to do this so your design will stay in place, wonder under is not permanent.  I use my sewing machine and sew the leaves on first, iron my trunk on next and then sew around that.  Next, sew your front and back pieces together with the right sides facing in, leaving a large enough hole to stuff your pillow form through.  Put your form in and handstitch or use your sewing machine to close up the hole.


One response to “Idea #8 – Applique Pillows

  1. thanks for the tips. That is one cute pillow.

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