Idea #7 – Clips

I just got back from New York, where I am enrolled in a Holistic Health Counseling program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and I have quite a few ideas to catch up with.  New York was beautiful, all of the trees displayed their fall colors (something we don’t see much in San Diego), and the cold weather was a nice change – someday I’d like to live there.  But back to how to make some easy cute clips.  

bobby-pin-supplies.jpgSupplies:  bobby pins or small clips, a 7/8″ cover button kit (you can find these at any craft store for around $2, they should come with supplies for 4 buttons), scraps of fabric, E6000 glue and scissors.

Directions:  Use a pair of pliers to pull the wire out of the back of the button (this is the piece that you would use to sew the buttons onto a piece of fabric). Use the directions in your cover button kit to make two cloth covered buttons (You will use the template to cut two circles of fabric twice the size of the button, center one circle in the plastic holder and put your first button form face down in, then pull the edges of the fabric into the center of the button and put your back on top. Use the small blue piece to push down on the back of the button to snap it in place.) Next put a dab of glue on both the back of your buttons and the ends of your bobby pins or clips, make sure it is not too much.  Let them sit for a minute or two and glue them together pressing firmly.  Flip over your clips so that the button is face down and let dry for 24 hours before handling them.



One response to “Idea #7 – Clips

  1. what fun stocking stuffers – maybe use my granddaughter’s team colors & mascot.


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