Idea #6 – Candles

We have been saving the remnants of candles for a while with this project in mind. 


Materials – Leftover wax from old candles, candle wick, small jars or glasses to hold your candles (mine are cocktail glasses from the thrift store), or a candle mold, crayons if you need to add more color and something to melt your wax in.  I found this pot at a thrift store since I didn’t want to use one of my everyday cooking pots, and while I thought it would be a great idea it wasn’t.  I would suggest using a pot that has a pour spout, or a can or metal bowl that could be bent to have a spout.  When I attempted to pour the wax into the glasses it poured out everywhere and down the kitchen sink drain.  This is not good because it hardened in the pea trap, and backed up our sink.  Jason was gracious enough to help me clean it all ocandles.jpgut!

Directions: Prepare your containers by cutting pieces of wick that will fall just to the bottom of the glass and hold in place with a bamboo skewer. Melt your wax over low heat on the stovetop, and fish out any leftover wicks.  Add crayons if you would like to change the color of your wax, I added one red crayon and one brown one.  Pour into your containers (not over the sink), and let sit until cool.  I really like how the cocktail glasses turned out, the simple etched designs add quite a bit to the candle.


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