Idea #2 – Magnets

I love these magnets, we have quite a few of them on our fridge, and magnets are such a practical gift.


Supplies Needed: 1/2″ or 3/4″ magnets, a bag of 3/4″ flat clear marbles (these here are from dollar tree, but you can find them at most craft stores) – some brands of marbles are smaller so make sure that your magnets will not be bigger than your marbles, E6000 glue or similar clear epoxy glue, scissors or 3/4″ hole punch, magazines,  paper with designs, or any images that you like.

Use your hole punch or scissors to cut out the images that you want to use.  If you are using scissors, you may want to make a template of a circle that is the size of your marbles to trace or cut around.  Squeeze a dot of glue on your magnet and apply your image, then squeeze another dot of glue on your image, place your marble on top, and apply pressure to the marble to evenly dispurse the glue.  With some light colored images or paper images the black from the magnet tends to “seep” through.  To prevent this, cut a piece of white cardstock the same size as your magnet, glue to the magnet first, and then glue your image to the paper. If you want to package your magnets in sets use Altoids tins or some other sort of metal tin, add a bow and the wrapping is complete.



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